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GPU Prices Finally Stabilise

With the supply issues finally over, Nvidea GPU's are finally coming down in price. If, however, you're after a top end card, 40 series GPU's are almost at release point so it might be worth holding off.

If you're looking at something a little more mid-range, the 3060 still represents a sound investment, and provides ample capacity for most games on high settings with it's 12Gb graphics memory.

Prices here in the UK are a pretty reasonable (comparatively) with prices in the £340-£450 price range, with the ASUS card below coming in at the cheapest found so far, on the overclockers uk site.

One of the reasons prices are tumbling is due to there being a worldwide overstock, so in this crazy world of supply and demand, the supply has exceeded demand, and with people holding off for potential release of the 40 series, something had to give.

However, anyone who has been keeping up with tech news might know that Nvidea are attempting to control the market by reducing the number of kits supplied to partners, therefore controlling the price.. They are also experiencing issues with their partners, as EVGA has in the last week severed their partnership with Nvidea and will no longer be in the GPU business, citing a lack of respect and other reasons for their decision.

It seems Nvidea have been attempting to control more than just price, and with it's Founders Edition cards, has actually gone into the retail business against the very GPU manufacturers it supplies.

As ever, there is a lot more to these stories than the few words I'll type here. If you're interested in tech, there are a couple of youtube channels worth keeping an eye on.

Not everything they do is interesting enough, but can give you an insight if you're looking to buy or build a new PC, as they highlight some potential issues with new tech you will want to be aware of when considering your next upgrade.

If you want some help in deciding what you should have in your next build, talk to our members and they might just be aware of something you had no idea about. It's certainly better than buying blind.

As for "Is now the right time to buy?" It might be if you want the 30 series GPU, but there is no guarantee prices might fall a bit more.

If you're wanting the latest and greatest and most powerful, then hold off for a 40 series and get one on release at near MSRP instead of holding off and suffering ridiculous price rises as demand outstrips supply - something that has been the norm in recent years. But know this, with the touted power requirements, a 40 series GPU will probably see you needing an upgraded Power Supply at the very least.

Finally to those considering AMD, there are those who believe in their Price-Performance. However there are still issues with some games, with flight sims being part of that sticking point. Developers of IL-2 BOX and CLOD still recommend an nvidea card.

Hopefully new players in the GPU business, Intel, might just have the ability to make prices more reasonable for the end user in future. Competition is healthy and usually benefits the customer. We shall have to wait and see.

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