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Windows 10 User? Read on

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

With Windows 10 support due to end in October 2025, it might be worth looking to see if your computer can actually run Windows 11.

There are certain system requirements for Windows 11, including TPM 2.0 and a compatible CPU.

It might be the case you have a compatible CPU, but require a TPM 2.0 module. "What's a TPM 2.0 module?" I hear you ask. "Have I got one already?"

Well, most computers made in the last 5 years will have a TPM 2.0 will be TPM 2.0 compatible or have a module installed, but it might just need activating in the bios. If you don't have one installed, you will need to buy one and install it.

Check out this LINK to learn about TPM and how to check if you have one.

For CPU compatibility check the links below:

One way you can check if your PC is able to run Windows 11 is to use the PC Health Check App that's already installed on Windows 10 OS.

Just press start and type PC Health Check and open the app. At the top it gives you the ability to check your PC for compatibility with Windows 11.

Note that even if you do have a TPM module, if it's not activated, it will show that your system is incompatible with Windows 11.

As for when you should update, if your PC is compatible, that's the $64,000 question. Personally I would hold off. Let them iron out the bugs and add support for more peripherals etc.

You don't want to be in the position of being a lab rat and find there are still problems, especially if you want to use your PC without issues. Some I know have tried it aren't keen on the layout. It's different, but who knows, some clever dick might make an add-on to make it look like Windows 10.

As for those who won't be able to update, it's worth knowing now, I would say. You don't want to reach 2025 and only then find out you need a new PC.

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