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Here at the 334th, we utilise communications software to enhance our experience of flying together.

For Voice comms, we use TEAMSPEAK client, and host our own TEAMSPEAK 3 server. Teamspeak offers us the best in terms of voice quality whilst having little impact on system resources whilst flying the simulators. It also allows us to encrypt the voice data, control user privacy, and maintain full control of our voice communications. Our Teamspeak 3 server is compatible with the new Teamspeak 5, which is in public Beta pre-release.

To get teamspeak, click on the "GET TEAMSPEAK" button at the bottom of this page and download and install the client version. If you would like to try the new teamspeak 5, an option to download that has also been added at the bottom of the page.


After installing teamspeak, simply click on the RED text "334th FightingEagles" in the Teamspeak Viewer below to join our server.

We also use Discord, to enable us to maintain a message board, and communications with other squadrons in the wider flight sim community.

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