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334th History


​​​​​The pages in this section are a tribute to the men and women who served as part of the RAF's "Eagle" Squadrons, and latterly those who later became members of the USAAF as part of the 4th Fighter Group during World War Two.

Their commitment to a cause, their duty, and their achievements, are a testament to the freedoms which we enjoy today. They made an extremely valuable contribution to the fight against a tyrannical Nazi regime that was sweepingly destroying freedom across Europe.

The different sections of the history pages attempt to tell part of the story of those men and women, but new information will always come to light, and inaccuracies will inevitably occur. We will endeavour to amend and update this section as and when we can, and when information is brought to our attention.

Further Reading

The information in this section comes from several sources, from my researching information about the historic actions of the Eagle Squadrons during RAF and USAAF service. It is not intended to be a complete history, and it is intended to grow this section as and when time allows. Much of my focus is centred around the 334th Fighter Squadron and 71 "Eagle" Squadron RAF.

Below are several links, worth reading to gain more of an insight into the activities of No 71 "Eagle" Squadron RAF, the 334th Fighter Squadron, and the 4th Fighter Group. All the sources below are clickable links

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