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European Wing Training Debrief - 22 July 2021

Serveral pilots were unable to attend due to personal issues and excessive temperatures across Europe.

Nevertheless, 334th_Baj, 334th_Virtue and myself took part in training in the 334th's server on IL-2 Great Battles in a closed training session.

Baj was thrust into the Flight Leader role, taking us to the target area in the low level ground attack training area on one of our maps. We used the P-51 Mustang, with Squadron paintschemes, and 500lb bombs on the first run reconnoitering the target and allocating targets to pilots before making our runs across target.

On our third sortie, we switched to the Hawker Tempest, noting the difference the 20mm cannon had compared to the P-51's 50 cals, although the Tempest doesn't hold as many rounds as the P-51, so we had to be a bit more conservative with shots.

This training was useful as we developed settings for the gun convergance and elevator trim settings, as well as being careful not to have to steep a dive for the attack run. Weaving on the ingress and egress, as well as direction changes on the egress to the target area was necessary, to avoid being struck by their defensive fire. All pilots experienced varying degrees of success attacking both AA guns and building targets, and when a pilot was hit, we werer able to practise conservation of the engine to allow a successful return to base.

We hope to see more squadron pilots join us in the coming weeks, so dust off your goggles and boots and join us for training EVERY THURSDAY at 1900 GMT for the European Wing, and EVERY TUESDAY at 2400 GMT for US Wing

See you all soon S! 334th_Padre


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