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About Squadron Galleries

Welcome to our Squadron Galleries.

Here you can see the screenshots and videos taken by our pilots during ground manoevres and combat operations.

​​Screenshot Galleries

Squadron members can submit screenshots (jpeg files only) to
Please include a short description with your submitted images, so they can be captioned


​​Video Galleries

Video galleries are added on request for each pilot, and take the format of a youtube playlist embedded into the site.

If you would like your own video gallery, contact Website Admins and they will install a video player to show your videos on the website.

Before contacting the Website Admin, the following procedures must be done.

  • You must have your own youtube channel, showing your callsign as the channel name (youtube username).

  • Upload edited combat footage videos to your youtube channel.

  • Add selected videos to a youtube playlist (max 10 videos), remembering that the playlist title will show at the top of the video player, so choose a good name for the playlist.

  • Contact the website admins, sending a request for a youtube video player to be embedded on the site, including a link to the playlist you created.

The Website Admins will then set up the player on the website. You may be contacted by Website Admins in relation to your playlist before it can go live on the website, so keep your eye on messages via Teamspeak and Facebook.

Once the player is live on the website, it's your responsibility to add new videos of combat footage to the playlist. Please keep your playlist up to date and restricted to a limited number of videos, as in reality, who is actually going to sit their and watch hours of your videos?

The video players are intended to be a showcase of yours and your fellow pilots efforts in the virtual skies. Keep your playlist current by adding and removing videos. The ideal number of videos would be approximately 6.

If you need any assistance on setting yourself up to record videos and setting up youtube channels, talk to a senior officer, or someone who already has a youtube channel or embedded video, in Teamspeak.

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