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Preparations for Winter

334th is making preparations for Winter season in IL-2 Great Battles and IL-2 Dover Series (Cliffs of Dover & Tobruk).

With the long hot summer season of 2022 ending soon, we look forward to members who have enjoyed the hot weather and spending time in the outdoors, as part of a healthy gaming/family/life balance we encourage, being available more to take part in upcoming activities members have been planning of late. We certainly understand those in Britain making the most of the Summer not being plagued by the rain

Looking forward to those increased activities, Great Battles European Training continues on Thursdays from 1900 GMT, US Training on Tuesdays at 7PM CST (0100 GMT Wednesday), and Squadron Flight Nights (Great Battles) resuming on Sundays at 1800 GMT onward.

334th_Virtue will be conducting more qualification training for pilots in Great Battles, while 334th_Padre continues his endeavours in the Cliffs of Dover series, and as ever is available on demand most (GMT) evenings to help anyone with setting up.

There is also a wealth of information in the Forum section for Cliffs of Dover Blitz, with tutorials on setting up and flying your aircraft there.

334th_Kermit has been liaising with X-51 squadron, with possibilites for some friendly matches and even some possible cooperation events, while Virtue has been looking into hosting Cooperative Missions.

Hope to see you all in the skies soon

334th Senior Officers

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Looking forward to busier times again!

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