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IL-2 Great Battles Update 4.701

A few days ago Developers of IL-2 Great Battles announced the release of the anticipated improvements to the sky and weather rendering.

With it, they also released a number of screenshots, demonstrating the results of their work.

Click on the images below to enlarge them.

Also in the announcement was the release of the German DFW C.V for flying Circus Vol II. All those who have pre-ordered Flying Circus II have immediate access to the aircraft.

In addition to that, numerous other changes include :

4k skin texturing for all aircraft has now been completed..

Addition of land and sea objects for upcoming Battle of Normandy full release.

Improvements to P-51 Speeds, Visual shot effect improved for all guns in the game, New fuel tank explosion visual effects created: different for WWI and WWII era aircraft and for ground and in-flight explosions, and many more smaller updates.

For details, take a look at the official announcement by 1C/777 HERE

Why not you give your opinion on the new update below?

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