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IL-2 Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings:Tobruk Sale

For those of you thinking of dipping your toes in the English Channel and Mediterranean Sea in the near future, especially with VR implementation being a current Work in Progress, now might be a good time to invest.

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz and the DLC IL-2 Desert Wings: Tobruk is currently on sale in the STEAM store.

IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz is 35% off and currently at GBP £5.19

IL-2 Desert Wings Tobruk is 20% off and currently GBP £26.39

or if you have neither titles yet, you coud opt for .....

Cliffs of Dover/Desert Wings: Tobruk bundle which is 31% off and GBP £28.42

Head over to the IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Steam page at the link below.

Hope to see you there in the skies soon, and if you fly German, I hope you don't (well maybe I do haha) end up on the receiving end of my Hispanos like this guy did ;)



334th Executive Officer.

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