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European Wing Training Debrief - 5th August 2021

Thanks to Virtue, Baj and Hartmann for joining us in European Wing Training this week. We undertook numerous sorties, with different aircraft, striking various ground and sea targets including trains, ships, tanks and road supply convoys in order to ascertain the most effective methods of attack. We utilised the Combat Box Training Server for these trials, as certain targets were not available in the 334th Server. The Hurricane's Vickers 40mm gun turned out to be one of the most shocking weapons. It's very poorly modelled in IL-2, with hardly any effect for such a big cannon in either HE or AP round variations. Rockets continue to be a source of frustration, with a very close range firing required to enable hitting targets, nothing like WWII footage available on the internet. The trusty P-38 and it's 6x 500lb loadout again proves to be useful as a ground pounder. It's a shame the damage model is so poor and it goes down after the slightest of tickles (it may just be the German's weapons excessive modelling - a well known problem) and it's real-life speed advantage is non-existant. Below is a screenshot of numerous ships burning from attacks from our P-38's

We hope to see some of you online over the weekend. S!

334th Padre


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