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DCS: Mosquito Open Beta

Eagle Dynamics has released the new DeHavilland Mosquito to the "Open Beta" stage, meaning it can now be downloaded and flown by those who have pre-purchased the module.

In a statement released by Eagle Dynamics on their Social Media, they say ...

" We are proud of the early access release-state of the Mossie, and we are confident it will provide endless hours of enjoyment. We will now begin the second phase of development to add enhancement features as well as addressing the known bugs list. We would like to thank our whole team as well as the Closed Beta Team for their vigorous work, testing and dedication. "

The Mosquito is available to buy and download now, and is available at an early access price with 20% off the full price from the links below. Download NOW with 20% discount: Steam:

Further develpment of the module is underway, and Eagle Dynamics say the following features are currently being worked on as part of "Phase 2"

  • Operator's AI for multi-crew

  • Tire and shock absorber dynamics

  • Operable drift recorder device

  • Engine failures

  • Fire-extinguishers

  • Rockets armament

  • More liveries

This is an interesting development, as 777 Studios are also releasing the Mosquito FB VI as part of their upcoming IL-2 Battle of Normandy DLC in the IL-2 Great Battles franchise.

Battle of Normandy, which when released will cover the scenario around D-Day, is available on early access via the IL-2 Webstore, but the Mosquito is still a work in progress with no news from developers about it's development or release date.

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