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Cliffs of Dover VR implementation Update

Team Fusion Simulations, the developers of the IL-2 Dover series (Cliffs of Dover Blitz and Desert Wings: Tobruk) have released a new video showing their progress on implementation of VR into the Sim.

Their progress video shows a Spitfire flying along the south coast of England, and how the field of view is modelled, along with restrictions of view with the canopy closed and less restricted when open.

It also shows how bombsight integration will be modelled, with a monocular view through the bombsight.

Finally, it shows an interesting development which will be of interest to those VR users who tire of having to check their six by looking all the way behind them. It's being called "rotational amplification", and will be able to be configured by the user to the degree of amplification which suits them best. It's practically the same feature that is available to users of head trackers, whereby a fraction of head movement can have you look to the side or check your six. View the video here ....

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