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ASUS Z690 Motherboard Safety Issue

Reports are coming in regarding a potential fire hazard with some of the new Intel Z690 motherboards for 12th Generation Intel processors.

Thanks to 334th_Hartmann, who gave me the heads up on this breaking news story, concerned as I might have one of the motherboards in question. I've decided that it's in the interest of the community to share this news as it has the potential to cause serious harm or loss of life.

If you are thinking of a new build PC, know someone who has the motherboard in question, or already have the motherboard yourself, this is something you're definitely going to want to look at from a SAFETY point of view.

The motherboard in question is the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z690 HERO.

Take a look at this video from Youtube vlogger JayzTwoCents, where the issue is discussed and explained in full.

If this post even helps to avoid one person coming to harm, or to prevent an issue from occuring, then it's worth the effort in writing and sharing this post, so please share it amongst your gaming community members.


334th XO

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