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Notification of Virtual Tour of Duty

Attention Virtual Pilots,

Hopefully you all received some quality R&R over this past holiday season. We are now back to the front and putting up the good fight as shown in our last outing against the X51st Squadron.

We are now back to our regular schedules and are raring to get back into the swing of things. Break out the WD40 and let’s remove the rust from your aircraft and flying skills as we get back into the skies and hone our tactics.

Just a reminder of the schedules ..... all times ZULU (GMT)



Wednesdays 0100hrs - Hosted by 334th_His_Fate


Thursdays 1900hrs - Hosted by 334th_Virtue


Sundays 1900hrs - Hosted by Senior Officer present on the day

Dont forget to take a look at the website and see the plethora of information about the squadron that is available, and the member exclusive downloads including Skin Pack, Pilot notes Cockpit Photos, as well as the Historical Pilot notes PDF's and plenty more besides.

Please consider donating to the 334th to keep our services in running condition. Any amount can go a long way. You can donate through the link at the top-center of our website. Thank you!

Also if you are not a squadron member and are reading this and thinking of getting involved, please feel free to come along to our training and flight nights, and sample the cameraderie and flying training we offer, to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of flying Simulators. Join us on teamspeak and we will welcome you to our merry bunch.

See you all soon

for and on behalf of ....

334th Senior Officers

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