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New DCS Flight Modelling Announcement.

DCS developers on 3rd December announced new flight modelling for AI in the Simulator.

They say ....

"The greatest challenge when starting the work on GFM (General Flight Model) was creating a unique multi-level autopilot system capable of controlling any and all aircraft. Unlike standard autopilot programming approaches, which demand that each aircraft be adjusted individually, the new approach permits automatic use of aircraft flight parameters. This saves substantial time and delivers more accurate and realistic auto-pilot behaviour that is particularly appreciated for trans-sonic and supersonic regime changes, which now no longer require substantial tuning. "

"This fundamental work required about two years of programming with formation flying alone requiring an additional 5 months of intense development. The main task was to teach the AI to fly correctly but not as a supernatural drone but rather as a human pilot would, including micro-delays, errors and limitations. Soon, every pilot can practice the formation lead role and develop highly realistic skills without having to play online and depend on inadequate wingmen to hone his talent.

All ordinary tasks such as takeoff, landing, aerial combat, ground strikes and bombing were also entirely re-written. Implementation is expected during 2022. "

It appears this new development will open up more scenarios to the online pilot, and with the mention of practising formation lead, get a more immersive feel of combat flying without having to rely on the presence of other humans.

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