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IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz Update

A new update has been released for IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover Blitz.

The developers, Team Fusion Simulations say that the majority of things in this update are bug fixes to what were some issues in the game.

It's great to know the developers are active in ironing out problems in the game, and looking to improve it's overall performance.

One of the nicest update in my humble opinion though is the addition of an update to the Rolls Royce Merlin 45 engine sounds, which includes "load effects and distance modelling". I'm sure the Spitfire pilots among us will really appreciate that one. Also added is an undercarriage warning buzzer for the Spitfire. This buzzer sounds when the gear is brought down, giving you an audible cue to the lowering of the gear. Those with HOTAS setups might have come across the problem of accidentally lowering gear by mistakenly nudging or pressing the wrong button for it, so this will help you notice this mistake. It's also historically realistic, so adds even more realism to the sim.

Below is the text of the full announcement from Team Fusion Simulations on Steam ...... "Greetings pilots!

Today we implemented yet another patch for IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings - Tobruk, which brings many bugfixes and several small, but noticeable improvements to the game!

As always, we'd like to thank all of our loyal fans who share their feedback in our Steam Forums or leave a review for the game. Thank you for your support!

Read the full changelog below:

  • Bugfix: Spitfire cannon versions - wing cannons do not vanish any more when the wing is broken.

  • Bugfix: Tiger Moth elevator trim lever animated again.

  • Bugfix: Ju-88 A-5 versions pit: low resolution bombsight mask texture replaced.

  • Bugfix: Bf-110: some inconsistent type naming fixed.

  • Bugfix: He-111 H-2 cockpit: reintroduced missing photo frame.

  • Bugfix: He-111 P-2 cockpit: second magneto switch made clickable.

  • Bugfix: Bf-109 F2 & F4 versions nose cannon ammo counter animation corrected.

  • Bugfix: Bf-109 F versions missing dashboard pic has been added.

  • Bugfix: Martlet mixture lever direction corrected.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter MkIC - bombs no longer hang in mid-air after wing is detached.

  • Bugfix: Ju-87 rear gunner ammo count changed to 13 magazines (@75 bullets = 975 total).

  • Bugfix: CR.42 pits: Non-functional cockpit lights fixed.

  • Bugfix: CR.42 pits: Animated barometer scale.

  • Bugfix: D.520 all pits animated barometer scale.

  • Bugfix: Macchi C.202 pits: Landing gear warning lights fixed.

  • Bugfix: Macchi C.202 pits: Animated barometer scale.

  • Bugfix: Macchi C.202 pits: Corrected wrong letters on compass indicating cardinal directions.

  • Bugfix: Ju-88 all pits water temperature gauges letter "C" is no longer a mirror image.

  • Bugfix: BR.20 wrong label on RPM indicator fixed.

  • Bugfix: Corrected the "Slow-Running Cut-Out" button animation on all Hurricane MkIIs.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter pilot pits (all versions): Landing light switch no longer toggles primary illumination.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter pilot pits (all versions): Magnetic compass controls are more easily clickable in the pit.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter pilot pits (all versions): Glance at Dashboard view moved to side. Hopefully better.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter pilot pits (all versions): Default camera position moved a couple of inches forward.

  • Bugfix: Beaufighter pilot pits (all versions): Animated barometer scale and a corresponding knob.

  • Bugfix: Transparent section under certain lighting conditions in FortWatchOffice fixed.

  • Bugfix: Misplaced tooltip over oxygen flow gauge in Martlet pit removed.

  • Bugfix: Bf109E7 variants - corrected prop rotation direction.

  • Bugfix: Sound - Resolved overstress bug.

  • Bugfix: Sound - fixed metal hits.

  • Bugfix: Sound - fixed various undercarriage sound issues.

  • Bugfix: Sound - countless smaller internal optimizations and fixes.

  • Added: Sound - lorenz beam + marker beacons.

  • Added: Sound - landing gear warning horn - currently only spitfires.

  • Added: Sound - Revised Merlin 45 engine with load effects and distance modeling. (to be rolled out to all Merlins shortly)

  • Expanded the journal and history sections of the briefings for missions 4, 6, 7, and 8 of the Their Finest Hour campaign.

  • Updated: Getting Started and Troubleshooting Guide - Czech.pdf

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